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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some really great art!

My favorite graphix artisti, Steve Lopez (not to be confusd with the L.A. Times columnist) has just devoted his web site to a poster he created for your truly.
His art is just so great. Even though I'm no longer doing book store gigs (if I can help it) - I just had to share it.
Take a look.


Or should I say still.
That lady is a powerhouse.
More info here

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Ink

Or should that be "digits" these days?
Here's the comment I left on David Sterry's article on The Huffington Post today.

If my husband's nephew hadn't bought David's book, "Putting Your Passion Into Print," I'd not have known about him. I don't read many "sex" books. But I WAS trying to write one, So, I contacted Mr. Sterry for advice. LITTLE DID I KNOW, he was the guru of sex lit (as opposed to erotica or smut - other extant genre) and how EXCITED I became when he answered my email with "I know who you are..." Thanks again, David, for putting my passion into print. Without you, "The Devil Made Me Do It" would not have seen the light of a printing press.
Your fan forever, Georgina etc.
Too pushy?

See much better picture of David
on his site.

Reviews and links to yet MORE reviews.

Edited by David Henry Sterry and R. J. Martin Jr 333 pp. Soft Skull Press. Paper, $15.95

NYTBR – 8/23/09
“It’s an eye-opening, astonishing, brutally honest and frequently funny collection from those who really have lived on the edge in a parallel universe.”

“Their writing is, in most cases, unpolished, unpretentious and riveting — but don’t worry, their tales are also graphic, politically incorrect and mostly unquotable in this newspaper.”

“This collection is a wonderful reminder that good writing is not about knowing words, grammar or Faulkner, but having that rare ability to tell the truth, an ability that education and sophistication often serve to conceal.”
Publishers Weekly – 6/29/09
“Offers insight into seemingly all aspects of the sex trade… Aside from exposing the complex web of relationships among phone sex operators, dancers, massage parlor workers, prostitutes and their customers, the book is heavy with raw emotions ranging from celebratory to shameful, giving armchair sociologists plenty to ponder.”

NY Press – 8/11/09
“The prose in this volume is fresh and the tales are both heart-rending and hilarious, sometimes simultaneously… What’s most striking about the volume is how relevant these intimate and detailed chronicles are for any reader, whether they’ve sold their bodies or just their souls. It’s not just about sex.”

Tiger Beatdown 8/26/09
“Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys is an extremely valuable and necessary book, not because it tells you what your perspective ought to be, but because it provides more perspectives than pretty much any other book on the topic… hilarious… Sexy and sunny pieces (the sunniest, actually, often come from Sterry himself) coexist with downright harrowing narratives; sex workers who choose the work freely and love doing it are represented, as are sex workers who were forced to do the work and suffered immensely. The book is free of any agenda but a commitment to giving voice to sex workers.”

The Rumpus 8/26/09
“In addition to being porn stars and prostitutes, many of these people are talented writers with strong voices and precise observations. They’re natural born storytellers who manage to encapsulate an aspect of their experiences in wonderfully succinct (Sebastian Horsley: “Brothels make possible encounters of extreme intimacy without the intervention of personality.”) and stark, unsentimental ways (Brenda: “I have been arrested eight times for prostitution. It messed up my life.”)

Daily Beast – 9/12/09
“The book never feels like a naïve glamorization of the industry. ‘Ultimately, the stories in Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys are all about money, says Sterry. ‘In our culture, happiness means money, a big house, and an expensive car. So when I, as a 17 year old, could make $100 by pleasing an 82-year old woman, that to me was a great American success.’

Style – 9/15/09
“Taboo, clever, wrenching and compulsively readable, you’ll be stripped of your stereotypes between the covers of this book.”

Antalffy Tibor honlapja 9/27/09
“Rögtön a hívás után a fejemben megjelent egy szörnyű kép: egy ráncos, löttyedt, aszott nagymama átlátszó hálóingben közvetlenül előttem áll, és az én szegény, picurka péniszem egy élettelen, használhatatlan, húsdarab ott lógott a lábaim között, és a pénzt vissza kellett adnom, miközben szégyenemben el akartam bújni a szőnyeg alá, mert a nemi szervem brutális cserbenhagyása megszégyenítő volt. És ez a kép egészen addig nem múlt el, amíg az előkelő Swank Swish szálloda megadott ajtaján be nem kopogtam.”

Revista Fuscia
“Hace poco me encontré un libro realmente sorprendente, que trata de historias de profesionales del sexo. Se llama Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys, en español sería Putas, prostitutas y muchachos para arrendar. Se podría argumentar que para qué pierde uno el tiempo leyendo libros basura, pero la verdad es que desde el punto de vista de las relaciones humanas, es un texto muy interesante, a veces brutalmente honesto, pero también con sentido de humor.”

Acik Radyo
“Kitabın adı Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, And Rent Boys, Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Money, and Sex. Yani Kevaşeler, Orospular, Telekızlar ve Kiralık Oğlanlar, Profesyoneller Hayat, Aşk, Para ve Seks Üzerine Yazıyor. Yepyeni bir kitap bu, temmuz ayında Amerika’da Soft Skull Press tarafından yayımlanmış. Kitabın elimize geçiş hikâyesi ayrı ilginç. Mahallenin Fahriye Ablası’nın bir kıyağı bize diyelim teferruata girmeden ve hemen kitaba dönelim.”

Bust 10/06/09
“The first hand accounts, interviews, and poems featured in this book are so well written and organized, that the fact that they all center around the exchanging of sex for money falls into the background, and what’s left is an intimate offering of on-the-job gossip and late night horror stories that have you wanting to spend more time with the writer than the three or four pages a pop you’re given with each one.”

SF Weekly – 7/25/09 “This kaleidoscopic portrait of sex work in America is all the more striking for its breadth.”

Book Marks 11/30/09
“Sassy, sexy and certainly informed essays by sex workers. the oral histories by hos and hookers that conclude this collection – funny and tragic, matter-of fact and terrifying – give the book its authentic heft.”

NoPornNorthampton 11/17/09
“This fascinating anthology of personal essays by current and former sex workers gives readers a glimpse into the complex emotions of those who make a living selling intimacy… Fascinating, moving and darkly funny… humor, tenderness, pain, and aggression… unexpectedly sweet… it’s a great read.”

The Skinny 11/23/09
“From the big screen to the street, phone sex to stripping, and incalls to escorting… they’ve experienced sex work as an empowered choice, as a living hell, as a drug-fuelled necessity. They cover migration, burnout, criminalisation, violence, keeping secrets, coming out to family, and interactions with clients and colleagues. It delves deep and illustrate the complexities of the writers’ experiences. Alternately eye-opening, funny, moving, and devastating, this book should be required reading for those who still think any kind of sex worker is ‘representative’.”

Womanist Musings 11/24/09
“The book unflinchingly represents the voices of survivors of pimping, rape, abuse, thrust upon those who are forced into the sex industry. Editor David Henry Sterry has successfully etched out a safe space for these survivors' sharp, sensitive prose… In a reading that brought down the house at Busboys and Poets, Sterry's rendition of "I Was a Birthday Present for an Eighty-Two-Year-Old Grandmother" was both incredibly funny and a fascinating anti-ageist commentary on the things we're all afraid to ask for. I sat in the audience, enraptured by Sterry's uncanny vocal impressions and gesticulating… Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys is a must-read for anyone who wants to experience first-hand the voices of contemporary sex workers.”,com_mojo/Itemid,31/p,3708/

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Lady Writer - Hard at Work

Here's me. Hard at work. Really.
Yes, I'm finally getting back in the groove after a long bout of Writer's block.

And it's all because of Cindi Loftus.
I wish I could get her to send me a picture of herself. I guess she's shy. I wanted everyone to see the paragon who made me finished my book and who's been responsible for more sales of it than anyone.

Anyway - I'll not wait longer to post this bit of news.
She's got me doing a column. Sort of.
First installment can be found at
I hope to get some pithy comments - on the site and/or by email. All questions will be answered, even if it's with a heartfelt "I donno."
Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm working on book two, Goin' Down in Flames. Not going to make my Christmas deadline, but then, I missed my deadline on The Devil Made Me Do It by two years. Gimme a break. I'm retired. I was tired when I left the skin trade in '79. Now I'm retired. But still having fun.
Oh, BTW, everyone keeps asking me how I keep in such good shape at my age - which I'm proud to reveal is 73. Here's a video of the workout regimen I follow. It really works.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh HORRORS - Where will it end?

If you're into sex film history, tune in to Jackalope 105 FM for a Halloween treat.

42nd Street Pete called me and we chatted for hours. One hour's worth of our remicences will air Saturday, October 31st at 7pm PDT and will repeat Monday, November 2nd - same time. Here's the link to his site for more info and where you can click and listen from any computer that has even the most primitive sound card - like mine.

In other news, two of the contributors to David Sterry's HIGHLY ACCLAIMED (even made the cover of the New York freakin Times Book Review by gosh) anthology, Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys, have a forum called Three Naked Ladies where sex workers and other interested parties exchange histories and opinions. Yours truly joins the conversation on November 4 at and

In spite of having made nearly a hundred hard-core sex films, I knew zilch about the real world of sex-for-money - until I read this book - and then got to meet some of the other contributors at the readings we did here in LA. These ladies ROCK.

Flash for the CIA: Want to get information out of a suspected terrorist? Forget water boarding, snarly mastiffs, or other primitive torture. Tie 'em up in a US Airways coach seat and make 'em sit there until they talk. It won't take long. I've ALMOST recovered from my flights to and from San Francisco last month. Another week of physical therapy should do it. Can't sit too long at the computer yet, though, so, for now, th-th-th-th---that's all folks.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Vibes gets Gooder

Ahhhhhhh good old Good Vibes
How I love that store - and the great folks who keep the flame there.
They hosted me for another sign and schmooze session Sept. 16th

There I met David Sternberg who just sent me these pictures. Email

Here's me with Aunt Peg (Juliet Anderson).

She gave me a copy of her dvd, Ageless Desire. It is a beautiful tribute to the undying fascination of - as dear Dr. Ruth would phrase it - GOOD SEX.

And I met Ruby Violence,

And Liz Earls - she's the tall one. Meeting her for lunch this coming Friday.

Carol Queen is a most gracious hostess. We had a great Italian dinner between bookstore and theater gigs.

Howie and Jeremy Gordon put me up for the night and - bless him - Howie ferried me to and from the airport. What a guy.

I've been remiss (again) in filing this report as the US Airways flights left me with so much back pain, I just haven't been able to sit at the computer since I got home. Thank GAWD for the gym. I'm ambulatory again, anyway.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Book Soup Revisited

Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys
a collection of stories from the bordellos, streets, strip clubs, porno sets, and posh hotels of the seamier side of life has been launched and has achieved orbit.

Seven of the contributing authors met with our guru and book mavin, David Henry Sterry and his co-conspirator, Richard Martin, at the ever glorious, valiant and victorious Book Soup last evening, September 3rd.

A goodly crowd attended and could not have been more encouraging as we each read from our essays. This book has "taken off like a snapped g-string," per David, who nurtured us fledgling writers and got our stories into print. Considering how difficult it is to get anything published on actual real paper, this is not a meager accomplishment. I'm sure all of those whose work was chosen to be included are as grateful and amazed as I.

In case you missed us at Book Soup, do not despair. We're doing another reading session at Hustlers Hollywood Wednesday, September 9th at 8pm.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Firefighters Die

The stark headline slammed down on my front porch two minutes ago. How could I possibly have compared this real life horror surrounding us to a movie?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Book, New Bookings

Vacation's Over
Back to work. Thursday, September 7th - YIKES - that's this week!!!

No no no - not yet another reading of my memoir, The Devil Made Me Do It - though I will be doing more of that in San Francisco September 16th at Good Old Good Vibes Erotic Emporium. The one on Polk Street. That's from 5 to 7pm - preceding a screening of The Devil in Miss Jones at the Lumiere Theater. All part of the Good Vibrations FOURTH ANNUAL Independent Erotic Film Festival.

No. This is a new book, Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys.
I contributed a big fat six page essay.

You may have seen the Great Review it got in (be still my heart) the New York Freakin Times?!
Front page of the book section. I'm still breathing hard.
Whoops - just tried that and it seems old snooty NYT makes you join to read their stuff.

David Sterry (co-collector of these stories) just sent me these links to other reviews, and you don't have to join anything to read 'em. Some of them even mention me.

It's hot, the air smells like an old ashtray, and we're watching the fires on TV as they're being fought by our heroes. Who needs adventure movies when you live in LA?

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Amazing Mr. Crisp

If you don't know who Quentin Crisp is - read Naked Civil Servent - or see the film. I loved the book too much to see the film, but I've heard it's quite wonderful.
An avant guarde film maker, David Nahmod, hired me to protray the mother of a man who dies of AIDS in a poignant "small" film called Red Ribbons. To my great delight, I learned that the "Effin Ineffible" Mr. Crisp would be in the cast! I rushed out to buy an additional copy of the above-mentioned signature memoir in order to have my very own SIGNED copy of it. We were shooting in New York, and my copy was back home in L.A. On the first day of the shoot, I tremulously approached Mr. Crisp and asked for his autograph on the fly leaf. "Why, how sweet of you. And you must give me yours, as well," he graciously replied, whipping out the call sheet for the shoot for me to sign. David had the still photographer on the set snap a quick shot of "his guest celebrities" and this is the result.
And here is a slef-portrait done on the spot and sent to me by the owner, Steve Lopez. Check out HIS art here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Pictures

I found a new friend! The amazing photographer, Paul Sanders. You gotta check out his vintage car photography - even if you're not especially into cars. Just gorgeous. (cars)
His "bread 'n butter" stuff is here:
For immediate contact, you can call:
Paul Sanders PhotoBiographer ™:
Paul emailed me one day to say that he would be in LA on a job soon and asked if he could do a portrait of me while he was here. I haven't wanted to get my picture took for the past decade. Yeah, I've been caught in candid stuff (most of which has been posted here) and that's OK. But an actual photo shoot? Spare me!
Still, he seemed so nice, I invited him for lunch and told him it was ok to "shoot" me if he wanted to just follow me around and catch me at whatever I was doing. So he did.

He did finally talk me into getting spiffed up for a couple of "portrait" shots.

Not bad for an old broad, eh? I'm definitely using one of these for the cover of my next book, Goin' Down in Flames. (Due out January 2010) But which?
I'd love to hear from anyone who would like to state their preference.

And here is one where he caught me packaging a signed copy of my book to mail out.

Definitely one of my most favorite activities!

Looks like we might have to do another print run. There are only 16 copies left and I've got orders coming in every day. Don't get me wrong. I'm delighted to get them.
In case you missed the notice on the home page - to get a signed copy, email and I'll reply with order options. But if I run out, you'll have to wait for a month or two. Sorry. I'm tap-dancing as fast as I can.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The good doctor Thomas Horowitz

Last year I managed to decapitate a mole on my shoulder in the course of some overly enthusiastic yard building.
It was worth it. I love my yard.

Here are a couple of shots of it - still a work in progress, of course.

Being one to let nature take it's course on most things, I neglected the angry mole until it got REALLY mad. Finally, a couple of weeks ago I went to see my wonderfrul GP, Dr. Thom. (If you've read my book, you know who he is.) As well as being a great doctor, and a good friend, he's one of the most vocal and active physicians in the county on behalf of Dr. Sharon Mitchel's work with AIM - also mentioned in my book. He took one look at my festering mole and said, "Let's see what's going on here." A quick biopsy and a return visit and the bad boy was carved away with no fuss or pain. When I went back to have the stitches removed last week, the HIV panic was at high tide. My great pal, Cindi Loftus, asked me if I would ask him about it, so I did. Our interview is presently posted on her news page. Take a look if you're interested.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Barns & Noble at The Grove, L.A.... the biggest damn book store I've ever seen. The Writers' Society event that took place last Saturday (June 13th) was staged in their special events area on the third floor. Jon E. Directo (that's his real name) the Community Relations Manager, and Tony Toledo, the GLAWS president, made it all go like clockwork. Lights, cameras, action! Tony just sent me this picture he snapped during my turn. I have simply GOT to remember to stand up straight when I do these things.
A very huge THANK YOU to Jon E., the store, GLAWS, and all my wonderful pals who braved the crowds and the late hour. I didn't go on until 8:45 - and I'm usually in bed by 9. Having you there to laugh in all the right places really made it work for me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Lady-writer in the floppy hat
has been invited to read from her memoir, The Devil Made Me Do It, at a Barnes & Nobel book store!!!

Next Saturday night (June 13th) The Barnes & Nobel at The Grove, Fairfax Ave. and 3rd in Los Angeles, will host a select slate of GLAWS members - Ray Bradbury and yrs trly included - at a reading/book-signing event from 7 to 9pm. How 'bout dem apples! I'm not scheduled to read until 8:45, but I'll be there from 6pm on to enjoy the other readings.

Another piece of news that should have been posted DAYS ago - mea culpa, mea culpa:
One of my favorite authors, Charles Shea LeMone did
an interview with me!

I fell in love with a
Rastafarian cab-driving detective named Solomon Priestly in Shea's smashing crime novel, Dance in the Street. When I found out my friend Jim Morris (another fine author) KNEW him, I just had to get in touch. A vigorous e-palship ensued. Next thing I know, Shea asks to do an interview with ME.
Here's a bit about him and his newest work:
Charles Shea LeMone, the author of several mystery and romance novels, grew up on “the most dangerous corner in North Philadelphia.” This novel,
Corner Pride is based on his life. He now lives on a remote mountaintop in Virginia where he writes and leads workshops on creative writing. He hopes to one day open an art center in his old neighborhood. He can be contacted at his Website: Oh. Here's the link to the interview.
What a guy.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Just learned that the link to cinema retro in last post was incorrect;
This one WILL take you there. An interesting site to explore and a very nice interview that Graham Hill did with and for me.!.html

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Interview

Graham Hill took this snapshot of me after our lunch date at the Beachwood Cafe. Of course, I didn't have my camera along to get a shot of him, but, trust me, he's a darling man - a bit reminiscent of our beloved Benny Hill, but calmer. Who's Graham Hill?
Well, he is someone who has always loved HOLLYWOOD, it's history and it's movies. Having moved to the United States from England, just to work in HOLLYWOOD. He tracked down all the locations and movie sets he had grown up with. And in doing so, became a HOLLYWOOD historian.
He's nowhere near as famous as a Leonard Maltin, but he has written numerous articles for magazines including CINEMA RETRO, for the British and American Film Institutes and many others. Has given tours and lectured on studio history and even produced documentaries such as MATINEE RANCH and HOLLYWOOD ON PARADE.

Graham maintains a huge research library of books and DVD's on HOLLYWOOD and all it's classic movies and TV shows. He feels honored that he has met so many stars, directors, writers, stuntmen etc., people who's names he always remembered from childhood...

Imagine my delight when he contacted me and asked if he could interview me! He and his lovely wife, Gina, met John and me for lunch one day and we've been pals since. He has gifted us with many dvd's of amazing collections of Hollywood "bests."

Here's a link to the interview.!.html#extended

I feel like I have no right to be so pleased with my life on this Memorial Day when so many who made the supreme sacrifice are being duly honored. But I can't help it. I am so fortunate - and so grateful.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bon Voyage, Marilyn

Here is a recent portrait taken by the talented Mr. Steve Zambrano of our recently departed pal. He brought it - and another he had shot of her with her daughter, MacKenna - to the fairwell party said daughter and the Devine M's best friend Peggy arranged at Zuma Beach on - appropriately - Earth Day, April 22nd. Hearing all the great stories and parting words from a host of those who knew her so much better than I, was wonderful. It was a somber day, but the lovely lavendar festooned dias and 57 - count them - 57 lavender baloons framing it made for a festive feel in spite of a chilling and unremitant wind. The balloons were in celebration of the almost 57 years she was with us - April 22nd being her 57th birthday. Two very talented sculptors, whose names I didn't get - damn it - had been out on the chill beach since 6am building a sand replica of our lady of the Green Door. If any of you have pictures from the occasion - especially of that sculpture - please email them to me. Several folks there said they would send pictures, but I've not received any as yet, and I just couldn't let another day go by without posting this small tribute to that so much larger than life personality - our beloved Ms. Chambers. Bon Voyage, Marilyn.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marilyn Remembered

A new star graces that firmament we can't quite reach. Though, sometimes, it truly seems we actually can, and do. At least it often seems that way to me. Especially in my garden. Yesterday morning I was getting feelings of excitement from my two best biker buds - Iron Mike and Pegleg Flix. I often "hear from" them out there. Couldn't make out any clear "messages." Oh, I don't actually hear voices or anything. Don't call the funny farm - yet. It's sort of imaginary email. Anyway, I couldn't think of what was making me think so of the aforementioned "biker buds." Then I felt a wave of "Wow" from old Henri Pachard - who will always be Ron Sullivan to me. Not until I opened up my email shortly thereafter did it all make sense. The Devine Ms. Chambers had arrived! No wonder "the guys" were in a twitter. Now, please don't think I do not feel sorrow. Well, some sorrow - especially for her daughter - and for her multitude of friends and fans - but I feel more a sense of gratitude that I got to meet her a few times. I was even in her (I think) last film. Just a cameo walk-on, but I thank my good buddy Veronica Harte, who was directing it, for that perk. I'm very proud to be able to say, "Yes, I was in one of her movies."

Naturally, I thought back on the weekend she, Chuck, and I spent in Chicago with the indominable "Professor Irwin Corey." He, she, and I were guest judges at a nude beauty pagent. Chuck rode shotgun. Much hilarity ensued, as I recount in my book, The Devil Made Me Do It.
Alas, that was about the longest time I ever got to spend with her.

Here we are at one of the "company picnics" where I was honored to present her with a Lifetime Achievement Award from her peers.

She was a true original. The sweetness of her nature permeated every corner of any room she entered.

I raise my glass of Perrier to you, Dear Lady of the Soap Box. Happy Trails.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

LA Times Festival of Books

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS) has accepted me as a member! Not only that, I am one of the authors to be represented at their booth - #631 - at the forthcoming LA Times Festival of Books on the UCLA campus in Westwood.

I'll be there with books to sell and handouts to hand out on Saturday, April 25th, from 4 to 6 pm and again on Sunday, April 26th, from noon until 2pm. Be sure to let me know if you are there because of reading this. I actually do try to keep track of that sort of thing. Details of the event can be seen here.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring Equinox. It's Easter, it's Passover, it's flowers all over the place and I just love it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Denise creation

Hi Chele,
I found another great pic of you online and souped it up with some pink fog and ornate hearts...The Dancing Queen of Hearts

Ah me. So I got out the tape measure. Yes, the circumference is the same at 73 years of age - but it's all a LOT LOWER.

So I asked the talented Denise...

I asked my friend, the very talented artist, Denise LaFrance, where she found that image of my foot. Her answer:

I was on this photosite and saw a pic of a lady in a bath tub and I then thought of how her there in the tub reminded me of you in the then I went on youtube and searched for a clip from your film.
I found the movie then I saw that scene with you and your lovely and cute foot turning the taps on with your foot ( as you'd mentioned you always do^^)--so I then pushed PAUSE and got my camera and snapped a picture of the still/paused shot.
THEN I brightened up the colors, imported the picture to my photobucket account where I could then add the steamy effect on the edge and put a frame which I chose in pink...for that 'bathroomy' feel...and then added some glitter & blinking graphics to create an homage to you, your film and your lovely famous foot!^^.
The blinking image I shall attatch here--it's another type of file and I was not sure if or if not you'd be able to open such a file//but I can at least try and so I send it to you here have to click here:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blast from the Past

I can't believe Denise LaFrance - amazing artist and dear pal - found this!
Yes, it's authentic. I'd know that bunion anywhere.
For those of you under 60 - this is a frame from the porn film, The Devil in Miss Jones.
OK, all you foot fetishists - let me her from you!
email me at

And click on Denise link above to see more about her.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skylight Book Store, Los Angeles

On Vermont Boulevard, just south of Griffith Park, sits a bulwark of free thought and creativity called Skylight Book Store. It is the pulsing heartbeat of a great L.A. neighborhood; a vital organ of the community - and by gosh, the community knows it.

I met the owner, Kerry Slattery, last fall when I attended a gala opening of the store's spiffy new annex. Screwing up my courage, I pressed a copy of my book into her hands and introduced myself. Recognition lit her eyes and she graciously thanked me for the book, and said I could email her and ask for an event date!

I decided to throw myself a birthday party for my 73rd birthday on March 1st. That was cool with her.

The big event:
A goodly crowd gathered.

These were, as promised, cakes and ale..

The manager, Steven Salardino, and lovely sidekick, Kelly were amazing. They completely rearranged the interior of the store; setting up
chairs, table for "cakes and ale" (ok - Victor Bene's Bakery cookies - but they're boss
cookies), arranging a chair and table for book signing, and a chair for my pal Libbie Jo Snyder to entertain us with her fantabuous jazz/classical flute selections --- all within a half hour! My jaw was on the floor.

Once the crowd gathered, had their cakes and ale in hand, and found places to sit, Kelly said it was time to start and introduced me.

But I didn't want to start the reading until my 85-year-old buddy, Joyce arrived.

She has been my sounding board and booster from the start of my literary life.

I met her in the 70s when she was "the orchestra" for husband John's, improve group, War Babies.

As soon as she was settled comfortably, I launched into one of my favorite chapters, The Journey of the Dorabelladonna. That's the one that chronicles my trip from Maine to California in a 30-foot-long derelict school bus with a smokestack sticking out the back.

Then I signed books.

And book marks.

And posters.

And DVDs.

And really old pictures.

Then I just schmoozed with old friends and new.

Husband John took the pictures seen here.

All you guys who were taking pictures and said you'd email me copies...???

I haven't received any yet! Remember - the email address is

Sunday, February 15, 2009


YOU ARE INVITED to my 73rd Birthday Party, Sunday, March 1st, 7pm at Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 660-1175. If you attended any of the earlier events, come again. I'll be reading all new excerpts from my memoir, The Devil Made Me Do It., after which we'll schmooze and I'll sign books and stuff. THERE WILL BE CAKES AND ALE!

Some notes from the last couple of readings at
Hustlers and Circus of Books:

Thursday, January 22nd at Hustlers:

Stan Kent and his gorgeous sidekick, Cyn Yen - hosted a real party - with band!
Bruce Baker and the Hooples
Here's me with Bruce Baker (vocals, keyboard)
and Paul Baker (guitar, sax)

David Sterry, my book guru, is greatly responsible for all this festivity. He kindly invited me to join him for this pr
esentation of our literary endeavors.
Here he is on my left. That's hubby, John on the other side and the amazing Mr. Kent on David's left.

Saturday night, January 24th: Nina Hartley joined David and me for a reading/signing/panel discussion fest at Circus of Books. The amazing Margie Schnibbe, adult director for Vivid, acted as hostess and moderator. Barry Mason, the owner and long-time champion of edge-cutting literature in West Hollywood was a most gracious and generous host. Thanks. Barry.