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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yeah. I know. Been a while.

More blasts from the past. Man, if you want to hear from folks you haven't seen in donkey years, publish a book. 

May I introduce a remarkable artist who directed, produced, probably wrote, one of the most unusual films of my checkered career. 

Ed Seeman, aka Edwardo Cemano, was an artist - well, all his life, of course - but I mean, like, you know, ESTABLISHED, before he ventured into cine de porn. I didn't know that. I just did the gig - 

 and it was a fun day of being a pussy cat, as opposed to being just another pussy.

So now I'm back in touch with Ed, Edwardo. He sent me this recent photo. Lookin' good, Ed.He has a jillion sites but start here and it will lead you to the rest;

Another artist, whose paintings of the porn pantheon are legendary is now featured on one of my favorite sites - LADIEZNITE
Meet the amazing Denise LaFrance. She, too, has many sites. Google her.

Sorry I've neglected the blog. Every time I open my little laptop with a view to updated it, by the time I get through my email, it's time to fix supper, NO. Don't stop the email. YES. I'm addicted - and plan to stay that way.