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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do not pass go, do not collect $200 GO IMMEDIATELY TO...

"Bad" Brad Berkwitt's Ringside read one of the best damn interviews I've ever done, thanks to his great questions..

Here he is. He's the one on the right. The lovely lady with him is Valerie, who, for his 41st birthday last year,
took him to their favorite Italinan Restaurant, Extra Virgin. Now there's a great name for an Italian restaurant if I've ever heard one.

I hope every boxing fan in the world reads it and continues to enjoy the posts of this remarkable gentleman.

I confess, I wasn't that into boxing until I met this man. I don't even like to watch chess matches, I'm so averse to conflict.

But I've gained a new respect for the "art" and find the milieu fascinating. Thanks "Bad" Brad.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flash - new stuff about Police Academy

Flash: Cindi Loftus just posted new stuff about me and the Police Academy flicks on her site. Take a look here.

New Texture event in Echo Park

Wyatt Doyle is a veritable force of nature.
He was responsible for getting set up. He also introduced me to self-publishing service where my book is printed.
This all happened before New Texture was completely in place, so although my book is really a New Texture book, it doesn't say so in the text - as it should.

Thank you Allison Grace for taking our picture. And thank you, stranger who then took this one of us with Allison. These were taken in front of the Echo venue.

I asked my mentor and friend, Wyatt, to tell me about New Texture.

From Wyatt:
About New Texture: We're a do-it-yourself artists' collective turned publisher, proudly independent and flying by the seat of our pants. (Our motto: "Crude, But Effective").

The evening you and John joined us for was called NEW TEXTURE: WORDS and MUSIC, the venue was The Echo in Echo Park, and it was part of the "New Texture Nights" reading tour to promote our first three book releases.

The first 3 books from New Texture are

BLACK CRACKER by Josh Alan Friedman
STOP REQUESTED by Wyatt Doyle & Stanley J. Zappa

All three books are available (signed or unsigned) via or at

John lead off the evening with a reading of his delightful (if I do say it) childrens' book, Where The Sun Sets.
This is a story about the adventures of Elephant Gerald, Larry the Boa, and Thelonius Monkey - three friends who live in a jungle that isn't there any more. The link on the title takes you to the Lulu site which is slower than molasses in January, but you CAN preview the entire book there, if you've the patience.

Next up, Josh Alan Friedman tore the hide off his guitar with some GREAT songs of his skillfull composition. I just finished reading his book, Black Cracker. Wow, whew, and Holy Sh_t. It's the story of his elementary school years as the only white student in an otherwise all black school in Glen Cove, Long Island in the early 60s. It's a powerful, yet hugely entertaining, read. I've ordered copies of all his other books. I hope they get here soon. I've finished Wyatt's book, Stop Requested (also a terrific read - see my review on Amazon) and if I run out of book, I go into withdrawal: runny nose, shakes, nausea - not a pretty picture.

Here, however, is a very pretty picture.

Sandee Curry, the professional copy editor who excised the warts from my book, and probably all the others presented that night, read some of her own work. I figured she was probably an excellent writer as well as a great editor, but I was totally blown away by not only her prose, but her presence. I know her as a very quiet, almost shy, lady. But when the lights are on and the mike is hot - so is she!

The evening's roster for NEW TEXTURE: WORDS & MUSIC follows.

John Welsh
Wyatt Doyle
Josh Alan Friedman
Chris D.
Rev. Raymond Branch
Sandee Curry
Paul Silva
Donna Lethal
Matt Kennedy
Georgina Spelvin

Important links!

New Texture (main website):

New Texture's Blog:

Sandee Curry website:

Josh Alan's main website:

Josh Alan's music:

Paul Silva (Paul got the sound, lights, slides, and films to work!) did the piece about Roscoe Lee Browne with

film clip:

Reverend Branch: (includes video clips of his music, including a wonderful blues/gospel improv with Josh Alan!)


Donna Lethal

Matt Kennedy:

As you see, there was an extensive roster of good writers and musicians and I was forced to ask Wyatt to let me jump ahead of the line. I've tried to hide it, but the truth is, I'M GETTING OLD. I just cannot sit upright in a regular person's chair more than a half-hour or so without serious pain. I'm afraid I've indulged my lazy ass far too long playing couch zucchini with laptop or book.
I read a couple of short excerpts from my book, The Devil Made Me Do It, then pleaded with John, who was selling and signing copies of his book and having a really good time, to take me home.
He did. What a guy.