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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Vibes gets Gooder

Ahhhhhhh good old Good Vibes
How I love that store - and the great folks who keep the flame there.
They hosted me for another sign and schmooze session Sept. 16th

There I met David Sternberg who just sent me these pictures. Email

Here's me with Aunt Peg (Juliet Anderson).

She gave me a copy of her dvd, Ageless Desire. It is a beautiful tribute to the undying fascination of - as dear Dr. Ruth would phrase it - GOOD SEX.

And I met Ruby Violence,

And Liz Earls - she's the tall one. Meeting her for lunch this coming Friday.

Carol Queen is a most gracious hostess. We had a great Italian dinner between bookstore and theater gigs.

Howie and Jeremy Gordon put me up for the night and - bless him - Howie ferried me to and from the airport. What a guy.

I've been remiss (again) in filing this report as the US Airways flights left me with so much back pain, I just haven't been able to sit at the computer since I got home. Thank GAWD for the gym. I'm ambulatory again, anyway.