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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marilyn Remembered

A new star graces that firmament we can't quite reach. Though, sometimes, it truly seems we actually can, and do. At least it often seems that way to me. Especially in my garden. Yesterday morning I was getting feelings of excitement from my two best biker buds - Iron Mike and Pegleg Flix. I often "hear from" them out there. Couldn't make out any clear "messages." Oh, I don't actually hear voices or anything. Don't call the funny farm - yet. It's sort of imaginary email. Anyway, I couldn't think of what was making me think so of the aforementioned "biker buds." Then I felt a wave of "Wow" from old Henri Pachard - who will always be Ron Sullivan to me. Not until I opened up my email shortly thereafter did it all make sense. The Devine Ms. Chambers had arrived! No wonder "the guys" were in a twitter. Now, please don't think I do not feel sorrow. Well, some sorrow - especially for her daughter - and for her multitude of friends and fans - but I feel more a sense of gratitude that I got to meet her a few times. I was even in her (I think) last film. Just a cameo walk-on, but I thank my good buddy Veronica Harte, who was directing it, for that perk. I'm very proud to be able to say, "Yes, I was in one of her movies."

Naturally, I thought back on the weekend she, Chuck, and I spent in Chicago with the indominable "Professor Irwin Corey." He, she, and I were guest judges at a nude beauty pagent. Chuck rode shotgun. Much hilarity ensued, as I recount in my book, The Devil Made Me Do It.
Alas, that was about the longest time I ever got to spend with her.

Here we are at one of the "company picnics" where I was honored to present her with a Lifetime Achievement Award from her peers.

She was a true original. The sweetness of her nature permeated every corner of any room she entered.

I raise my glass of Perrier to you, Dear Lady of the Soap Box. Happy Trails.

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Anonymous said...

I was just talking about at your in you Big Hit Movie of 1973 DIMJ just the aother day.
Sexy you hit my grow up switch. I saw the movie in Queens NY. I saw others movies you stared in and I honestly say you are very talented in all aspects of making movies. Your entusiasm showed. Others never had that. I can still recall your most erotic scenes.
Thank You and Best Wishes.
DIMJ was the first adult film I had sceen, on the big screen too!
Those actors with you were very lucky.
Thanks to CinemaRetro I found your interview which led me here.