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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yes, Virginia, therr IS a GREAT PUMPKIN

OK. So it's not actually Virginia. It's Marsha Meyers - my friend who did the hilarious portrayal of the gossip columnist in Singing In the Rain at the Downey Community Theater (see earlier post).
 Our coven of three met at the delightful Louisa's on Los Feliz (our favorite watering hole) to bubble up some trouble and chow down on really good Italian food. The third of the party is Joyce Brody - mother superior to most of the Democratic committees in our area.

We have here a "Klong" sent to me by the couple from Hamburg who were here to do an interview with me for promotion of the the chamber opera he, Thies Mynther has written. Sandra ran camera. John is on left, leaning on Thies, Miriam of Cabaret fame is sweetly supporting yours truly.
John's cousin, Rafael completes the picture being shot by Sandra, seen in mirror, if you look closely. 

Another gift has been the Kindelization of my book and it's announcement crafted by the producer of the audio version of the book - which will be released the first of the year, Sam Caldwell. It follows this post.