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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My far-better-half, John, is taking me out for dinner and A SHOW this coming Sunday evening, May 15th at the Studio Grill in Gower Gultch, southwest corner of Sunset and Gower in Hollywood. Email for reservations.

We're going to see our friend, Miriam Birch, who dazzeled us with her winning performances at the Cabaret Contest shows held at this same great venue last year. 

Now they've brought her back to do a show of her very own. Well, her side-kick, Raf Mauro, who happenes to be John's cousin 
(which has nothing to do with his talent) will do a number or two, he says, if we insist. We'll insist.

It's best to get there at 6, when the doors open, if you want to have dinner first. This place is famous for it's great seafood. They serve a boss burger as well, though. Me? I'll prob'ly do the fish tacos as usual.

More great news!
My first "leading man" from those gory glory days - Harry Reems - got in touch! 

Much more than a leading man, it was he who
introduced me to Jerry Damiano, director of the ever-popular Devil in Miss Jones. 

I wish someone would publish Harry's story. I think he remembers all the stuff I've forgotten. Well, he's much younger than I.

Here just some of the good stuff about him that's "out there."

Harry Reems  

and a wonderful article in the e-zine New York Movies.