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Sunday, July 10, 2011

For a GOOD TIME call 818-561-5878

And I mean a REALLY good time! 

818-561-5878 will take you to an answering service where you can reserve seats for Choices at 8pm on Tuesday, July 12th, 19th, or 26th. And if you whisper "I'm a friend of the theater" at the box office, tickets are only $10! Parking is available on the street north and south of Pico for FREE. The theater is just 2 and 1/2 blocks West of La Brea.

You will see a remarkable one-man show that begins promptly at 8pm and lasts just over an hour. It could have gone on into the night as far as I was concerned, and I'm not a big fan of the one-man confessional, Bobby Gorden's show being an exception (see earlier post.) But this one, like Bobby's, really WORKS.

Credit the skills of actor/author Jed Mills
(on left)

and director/co-author Renny Temple,  

They were aided and abetted by flawless sound and lighting enhancement executed by Jessica Kaye Temple. Not just your scruffy techie - Jess is a tremendous performer as well. Yeah, so OK, she's the director's daughter and comes by her considerable skill and talent quite honestly. Mom is actress Caren Kaye.

We laughed - a lot - and, yes, cried a little. Triumph over serious coke addiction and INCARCERATION is not all laughs. Still, Jed's comedic skills almost made it so.

Live theater here in moooovieland is rare. Good - really good - live theater is scarce as hen's teeth. Don't miss this opportunity if you can help it. 

Of course, all you poor folks who live somewhere other than Los Angeles are outta luck. Sorry. Maybe someone will come up with the $ to record this on a DVD. Any offers?

I'm going back for a second dose on the 19th and taking Theis Mynther and his partner, Sandra. They're coming to LA from Germany to record some promos for the Hamburg Premiere of "Expose," a musical adaptation of The Devil Made Me Do It that Theis has written. I've heard some of the score, and I LOVE it. More of that later.