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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just got a link to a review that's just too flattering not to pass on.
Yeah. I know. I said never again. I swore off celebrity signing shows because I can't sit for six hours without going straight to backache hell. Soooo, I initially turned down an invitation to be a signer at The Hollywood Show extravaganza at the Marriott in Burbank Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 3. 

Then my friend Scotty (Donovan Scott) with whom I shared a scene in Police Academy said he was going to be there. Well, any chance to hob nob with Scotty - the funniest man alive - is a treat not to be missed. And, hey, thought I, I'll get to see another of my secret loves, George Gaynes! AND the rest of the Police Academy bunch.

Alas, it seems George can't make it. Drat. I just Googled him and learned that he's now 91! I'm only (ONLY) 75, and I'm not sure I'll survive it. But I'm going in. One more once.

Well, no sooner did I agree to join the Police Academy crowd, than I got a call from another old friend: talk radio host Matt Beckoff
who invited me to share his table. Well, what a delimma. Guess I'll just have to shuttle back and forth between tables. 

Note to self. Wear comfortable shoes.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Big Don't

February 27th John sez: "You're going to be 75 March 1st, you know."
Me: I know.
John: So, shouldn't we do a big "Do?"
Me: Let's Don't.
John: Why not?
Me: I'm tired.
March 1st, my 75th birthday.
John: So, you wanna go out to dinner or something?
Me: I'd rather have you cook. It's always better.
John: I blush. So what do you want for dinner?
Me: Meatloaf.
John: We had meatloaf two days ago.
Me: Isn't there some left over?
John: Yeah.
Me: So? What's the problem?
John: There's no room on the table.
Me: Help me put the flowers out on the patio.

John: It's gonna rain more.
Me: So? They're flowers.
I'm still answering the emails.
Steve Lopez made me a poster.
How 'bout dat?!