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Sunday, October 31, 2010


So this is Halloween. Sunday, October 31st. Not last night, Saturday. Tell that to the parents of the wee ghosties and goblins and the long-legged beasties that go bump in the night (most notably at the many parties along our block). 
Halloween should be on the last Saturday of October – like Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday – last or next to last depending on geography. But Halloween, like Christmas, being based on the Christian calendar, not the public school system, is variable. I say Christmas and All Saint’s Day should both be on Sunday.
So Halloween eve – last night – Elen, my pal going all the way back to pre Woodstock days – made a birthday party for our mutual friend Laura featuring tandoori chickens with all the proper Moroccan trimmings and rituals and to hell with Halloween. 
Here's pal Elen at Woodstock.
She can be seen at 1:34 into this clip, on the right screen.
See, like this.

Well, yeah. We have a pot of pennies by the door to bribe any goblins that make it up out hill tonight, but my days of baking and decorating cupcakes for the little beasties are long over. Let them buy their own cavity creators. Bah humbug. OK. Make that Boo humbug.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wrong Wrong Wrong

I got it all wrong.
My appointment with the eye clinic last Wednesday wasn’t for the surgery, just for the tests (and tests and tests and tests) that precede it. 
The surgery will not be until December 14th.  But I’d like to thank artist Steve Lopez for sending me this encouragement.

And thank you to all the folks who emailed to wish me good luck on the surgery. You don’t have to do it again on December 14th. I’ll just keep them all and read them again with my one good eye.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shirts 'n Mugs 'n Mousepads, Oh My!!!

Georgie's Store
OK all you faithful who have been nagging me for the past umpteen years - there are finally Georgina Spelvin "keepsakes" available, thanks to enterprising entrepreneur, Steve Lopez. No, not the LA Times columnist. 

 This Steve Lopez is the patriarch of a talented family of artists. They were too shy to let me publish pictures of them or more information than this link to their web store and this
great logo - created by daughter, Michele.

And here I am. Personally signing all the mugs. Yep. Each and every damn one.

So mouse your way to local fame and be the first in your office to have a personally signed, Georgina Spelvin coffee mug and mouse pad. If you're lucky enough to work in a nice funky office, you could even wear the tee shirt to work one day and really stir up trouble. 

So what have I been doing that's so important it's kept me from keeping up with this blog? 
Recording the oral version of my memoir, The Devil Made Me Do It, that's what. 

Yes, indeedy, I rise at 4am every day and set up this amazing recording device that Sam Caldwell, the producer, sent me, and revisit the scenes of
my debauchery before the traffic noise becomes too obtrusive. Oh yes. I'm having a good time. I'm far too old to do anything I don't enjoy.

The imprint publishing my audiobook is iNetSynch at
iNetSynch is a division of ETI and produces professional audio and video podcasts as well as audio and e-books. The Full-Spectrum Publishing imprint and division of ETI  works in tandem with iNetSynch to publish traditional printed books. Sam Caldwell is the president of ETI, iNetSynch and Full-Spectrum publishing. He is also one of the most patient and supportive gentlemen it has ever been my pleasure to encounter. Well, Steve Lopez is not slouch, either. The Force is obviously with me.  

Other news: I learned that the reason I can't read the street signs until I'm damn near IN the intersection, is not because I need new glasses. I'm going in for an "eyeball lift" next week. Yep. Cataracts. Not surprising at my age, but damned inconvenient. I can handle the wrinkles in my face - but on my eyeballs? How rude. 

If you, dear reader, have had experience with this little visisitude of life, I'd love to learn more about it. Drop me a note:

Hope everyone is enjoying autumn as much as we are. I shall now go gather up the three feet of pine needles that have made their annual appearance over the garden. Anyone need any mulch?