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Sunday, November 14, 2010

They grow up so fast...

When I did a steamy scene with Howie Gordon for a film called The Dancers back in the dim dark dawn of time, his lovely wife was right there on the set, holding their infant son in her arms. It was the best experience I ever had on a set during my long and checkered career. 
Here's Howie - then known as Richard Pacheco - and me at the Adult Film Awards ceremony that year. 

I think we won something.

Now - that infant is all grown up
 and presenting a unique take on the porn world that I have every intention of seeing when he brings it to Santa Monica in the spring. 

Meanwhile - if you're in the San Francisco area - check it out. 

Tickets and further information.
I just know it's going to be a very moving performance.
As we say in the Biz of Show, Dear Bobby, please know I wish you a warm hand on your opening. 

The review: 
In Debbie Does My Dad performance artist Bobby Gordon uses spoken word theater to tell the bawdy and beautiful story of his experiences growing up as the son of a former adult film star.
Gordon’s father, Howie Gordon (Stage Name Richard Pacheco) won Playgirl Man-of-the-Year Honors in 1979 and had a Hall of Fame X-Rated acting career appearing in over a 100 features.
Having spent his childhood “in the shadow of his dad’s erection” Bobby Gordon dives into his experiences dealing with overly excited friends, meeting (or really failing to meet) unreasonably high expectations from female classmates in school, his own sexual development, confronting and rebelling against his father, and
ultimately working to redefine manhood for himself.
       Nothing is what you’d expect in this show where the words “sensitive” and “male porn star” go together as easily as “masturbation” and “inevitably getting walked in on by your parents.” Gordon offers an intimate window into his journey
to come to grips his father’s former career, and create a world where a man can be an emotional and a sexual being; a world where fucking and feelings can co-exist.

    "Bobby Gordon plunges into the creative rhythms, images and sounds of spoken word poetry with courage, honesty and sensual delight to talk about sex, porn and fathering. This is a must see show." – Warren Nebe, Director of Drama For Life

Friday, November 12, 2010


"I LOVE that HAT!" said I to my friend Margie - aka Big Mean Lady of Lopez Land.
"Did you knit it?" 
"I did," she replied. "OMG, you've got to give me the pattern!"
Now, I did used to knit - a lot - mostly leg warmers and mostly during the five minute breaks every hour that are required by Actors' Equity dance chorus contracts. But that was several lifetimes ago. Still, I thought this looked like something I might be able to handle. If I had a good, easy to read pattern. Right?
So - a week or so later, I get an unexpected package in the mail. When I open it, sitting upon an inflated red balloon is THE HAT! Never mind sending me the pattern, the lady made me a hat! Just like hers! She says she will send me the pattern anyway - when she has time to write it out. It was easier to knit the hat? I guess so.

What a Big Mean Lady

How lucky am I?