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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Devil Made Me Do It - update

Amazon has fished out every book they have on how to get published and put them on my log-in page to tempt me. Now, how the hell did they find out I had written a book is what I want to know. I feel so vulnerable. Thirty years I've been happily curled up in my Hollywood cave. In the last five, since retiring, I've enjoyed having the books I want to read delivered to my door. (What a wonderful age we live in.) But as I look out on the world from my laptop - IS THE WORLD LOOKING IN AT ME?

You see, I wrote this book. Why I finally did is part of the story, so I ain't gonna get into it here. Buy the book. It's called "The Devi Made Me Do It" and you can preview it on the BOOKS page.

Writing it was the easy part - though it hardly seemed so at the time. Then came the real shock. Nobody wanted to publish it. So, just like the little red hen of nursery rhyme, I said, "Very well, I'll do it myself."

Now everyone who knows about this stuff is gonna yell bloody murder that I'm admitting I couldn't find a publisher, but it's the truth, and I'm finding truth a very comfortable place to hang out.

I've promised myself - and I'm promising you who were nice enough to pay me a visit - that I will update this little note page if anything exciting happens.

Miss Jones - on her way to Hell