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Friday, March 20, 2009

So I asked the talented Denise...

I asked my friend, the very talented artist, Denise LaFrance, where she found that image of my foot. Her answer:

I was on this photosite and saw a pic of a lady in a bath tub and I then thought of how her there in the tub reminded me of you in the then I went on youtube and searched for a clip from your film.
I found the movie then I saw that scene with you and your lovely and cute foot turning the taps on with your foot ( as you'd mentioned you always do^^)--so I then pushed PAUSE and got my camera and snapped a picture of the still/paused shot.
THEN I brightened up the colors, imported the picture to my photobucket account where I could then add the steamy effect on the edge and put a frame which I chose in pink...for that 'bathroomy' feel...and then added some glitter & blinking graphics to create an homage to you, your film and your lovely famous foot!^^.
The blinking image I shall attatch here--it's another type of file and I was not sure if or if not you'd be able to open such a file//but I can at least try and so I send it to you here have to click here: