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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rites of Spring

We saw a notice at our gym yesterday that it would be closed today. OK. We head over the hill this morning to the North Hollywood branch. Well, of course, it, too is closed. IT'S EASTER. We knew that.
It was a lovely drive. Our wet wet spring has bestowed upon us flowers rarely seen and everything is so GREEEEEN. Even the hodge-podge of my beloved backyard is - excuse me, but it's true - breath-taking.

It has very little to with my sporadic, unskilled efforts, and I am more grateful for it all than I know how to say.
Thank You, GOD, comes to mind.
Everyone has their own picture of GOD: Stern Father, Nurturing Mother, Pure Light, The Force, etc. etc. One day while meditating (OK, zoning out) in the sauna, it came to me. GOD stands for General Oversight Department. One CEO? Board of Directors? I donno. I do know I didn't create this gorgeous world that I've the great privelege of visiting. I'm assured from many organizations whose job it is to make these sorts of assurances, that a memo simply addressed to Allah, Our Father, Tu, or even my default salutation, To Whom it may concern; will be delivered. Many even assure me that they have receved responses. Just being where I am is response enough for me. I just hope that I did something sooooo good in some former life that I earned this in some way. I hate thinking that I'm gonna get a bill for it all some day. 

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