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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Opera as it should be

Rene Temple of The Highwaymen vocal group and player, with my farbetterhalf, John, in the ground-breaking improve group, War Babies, just sent me a link to a video capture of one of their more stellar moments. Here's the group, from left top row, Rene, John, Marsha Meyers, Jed Mills: bottom row from left; Archie Hahn, Maryedith Burrell, Susan Krebs, and Karen Caye (Mrs. Temple.)
Unfortunately, not in this photo, but in the video, is Peter Reigert.

Seeing John in this performance sealed my fate. He had bedazzled me with his talents in The Hostage (a Brendan Behan play wherein we met) but after seeing this, I was toast. For a look at a totally improvised musical marvel click here.

NOW - for all of you who keep waiting for something about SEX in this blog, here's a wonderfully informative clip on female orgasm.
(So there.)

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