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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doing Debbie Does Daddy

John and I are taking our pals Lanny and Jerry to see this Friday night April 8th at Highways in Santa Monica.
(Sorry for the old date on the flier.)
Here's a review:
"In Debbie Does My Dad performance artist Bobby Gordon uses spoken
word theater to tell the bawdy and beautiful story of his experiences growing up as the son of a former adult film star.

Gordon’s father, Howie Gordon (Stage Name Richard Pacheco) won Playgirl
Man-of-the-Year Honors in 1979 and had a Hall of Fame X-Rated acting career appearing in over a 100 features.

    Having spent his childhood “in the shadow of his dad’s erection” Bobby Gordon dives into his experiences dealing with overly excited friends, meeting (or really failing to meet) unreasonably high expectations from female classmates in school, his own sexual development, confronting and rebelling against his father, and ultimately working to redefine manhood for himself.
       Nothing is what you’d expect in this show where the words “sensitive” and “male porn star” go together as easily as “masturbation” and “inevitably getting walked in on by your parents.” Gordon offers an intimate window into his journey to come to grips his father’s former career, and create a world where a man can be an emotional and a sexual being; a world where fucking and feelings can co-exist.

    "Bobby Gordon plunges into the creative rhythms, images and sounds of spoken word poetry with courage, honesty and sensual delight to talk about sex, porn and fathering. This is a must see show." – Warren Nebe, Director of Drama For Life
More info and ticket availability.

Howie and his lovely ladywife have become good friends over the years. I am really looking forward to seeing what Bobby has in store for us.

I'll post a post mortem on the Hollywood Celebrity Show that I attended last weekend in a few days. As expected, leaning over a table to sign pictures and posters and lord-only-knows-what-all for two days, has landed me in backache hell. This too shall pass.

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