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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Did Debbie Does Dad

Me with BFFL Richard Pacheco
Not dark of night, nor hail, nor gale, nor even raging sciatica was gonna keep me from seeing the scion of my BBFL Richard Pacheco's son, Bobby, in his one-man tour-de-force, Debbie Does My Dad

Howie "sizing up?" his scion, Bobby.

Me with another BBFL, Penny Antine

Here's what I emailed my pal, Penny Antine when she asked me how the show went.

"You missed an AMAZING piece of theater and a look at a talent that, if there's a god at all, is gonna be BIG - in any arena he chooses. Of course, the biz of show does not always reward ability and talent, but it sure helps if you have it.

Bobby was PHENOMENAL. Howie, his ladywife, Jeremy and Bobby's two sisters were all popping their vest buttons, as well they should.

I am so glad I got to see this at this time. I know it's got, as we say in the biz, LEGS, and the next venue may not be as convenient or affordable. Yeah, the Pantages is convenient to our Hollywood Hills home, but the prices!!!

Hey, I've been trying all day to think of what to say on my blog about last evening. I think I'll just copy this email.

And so I have.

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