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Friday, November 12, 2010


"I LOVE that HAT!" said I to my friend Margie - aka Big Mean Lady of Lopez Land.
"Did you knit it?" 
"I did," she replied. "OMG, you've got to give me the pattern!"
Now, I did used to knit - a lot - mostly leg warmers and mostly during the five minute breaks every hour that are required by Actors' Equity dance chorus contracts. But that was several lifetimes ago. Still, I thought this looked like something I might be able to handle. If I had a good, easy to read pattern. Right?
So - a week or so later, I get an unexpected package in the mail. When I open it, sitting upon an inflated red balloon is THE HAT! Never mind sending me the pattern, the lady made me a hat! Just like hers! She says she will send me the pattern anyway - when she has time to write it out. It was easier to knit the hat? I guess so.

What a Big Mean Lady

How lucky am I? 

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