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Sunday, October 31, 2010


So this is Halloween. Sunday, October 31st. Not last night, Saturday. Tell that to the parents of the wee ghosties and goblins and the long-legged beasties that go bump in the night (most notably at the many parties along our block). 
Halloween should be on the last Saturday of October – like Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday – last or next to last depending on geography. But Halloween, like Christmas, being based on the Christian calendar, not the public school system, is variable. I say Christmas and All Saint’s Day should both be on Sunday.
So Halloween eve – last night – Elen, my pal going all the way back to pre Woodstock days – made a birthday party for our mutual friend Laura featuring tandoori chickens with all the proper Moroccan trimmings and rituals and to hell with Halloween. 
Here's pal Elen at Woodstock.
She can be seen at 1:34 into this clip, on the right screen.
See, like this.

Well, yeah. We have a pot of pennies by the door to bribe any goblins that make it up out hill tonight, but my days of baking and decorating cupcakes for the little beasties are long over. Let them buy their own cavity creators. Bah humbug. OK. Make that Boo humbug.

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