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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Grief! My memoir, The Devil Made Me Do It, is in a PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Be Still My Heart

Bill Cronauer of Wilkes Barre, PA emailed me a request for a signed copy.

He says he enjoyed the copy he bought at Amazon so much that he donated it to the Library where he works.

Now wants a signed copy for his very own.

What a glorious library: How can such institutions be in such danger of disappearing? That prospect frightens me even more than the threatened demise of the US Postal Service.

Here's a link to Bill's domain -  the reference department:

Here's the spot for movies, theater, books, etc. that are connected (dialogue, setting, etc)  to Wilkes-Barre, PA or Scranton, PA 

Here is Bills personal blog:

AND AND AND...Another bibliophile, VICTOR OLLIVER, has posted a review:
His entry was last Wednesday, so you have to scroll down past his review of Wyn Ellis' Marquess of Bath Lord of Love review - No. don't scroll past it. Read it. I've just ordered the book. It looks yummy.

I guess it's official. I'm a published author. .
Now I really DO have to get to work on Goin' Down in Flames - the book that answers all the questions The Devil Made Me Do It raised. I need a few more hours in each day.

Thanks to blogger who pointed out that my comments wasn't working right. I think it is now, so feel free to express yourself.


Anonymous said...


Glad to see the good press continues....Fantastic book as you have already heard from me..


"Bad" Brad

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I think it should be in every public library. Finally actually *reading* my copy. (Bought it as soon as it came out. Road to hell being paved with good intentions and all, so to speak...) Loving every word.

Rob S.

Jim said...


I just received the copy I ordered from Amazon, yesterday, and I'm already past 100 pages. Great read!

I especially enjoyed reading the blow-by-blow (no pun intended) of the shooting of "Miss Jones", as it was the first pornographic movie I ever saw. I was 16 at the time (my friend and I used fake IDs to get in) and I thought you were the hottest woman alive. The final scene, with Damiano as The Lost Soul, and you unable to get off, was tremendously powerful - and haunting, especially to a 16-year-old Catholic boy :-)

I look forward to reading the remainder of the book. I'm sure it will be entertaining as all hell. God bless!