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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big Thrill - Interview for the CBC

Big Thrill
Last Saturday (11/8) I met the amazing Raymond Saint-Pierre, a noted war correspondent who, with his cameraman, Sylvain Cordanguay, was in a tank that was blown up in Iraq a year or so ago. The CBC sent them to ask me how technology had changed the porn world - like I, who have trouble using a cell phone, would know. We spent the morning talking about just about everything else. I'll let you know as soon as they let me know when and where the interview can be seen. They said it would be near the end of this month. Be still my heart. What makes Frenchmen so sexy? Is it the accent?
That's me, getting the
garden looking good for
my honored guests.

Book Orders from Afar
Good grief. The Internet constantly amazes me. Requests for signed books are coming in from Europe, Australia, and even (just yesterday) from Brazil!
I know there have been many different "procedures" tried at Lulu to facilitate these requests and I apologize for the confusion. If you want a signed book, email me at The book costs $18.50. I'll let you know the shipping costs depending upon where it's going.

Book Readings
If you have a favorite book store that might be interested in having Georgina Spelvin in the flesh read passages from The Devi Made Me Do It - her spicy, pithy, memoir - please let me know how to contact them.