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Monday, August 13, 2012


It's HOT in LA

Hey, June and July were gorgeous. We're due. 

Speaking of hot .... Charles Shea LeMone has a new book out.

The Spring of Unexpected Consequences. Now available at Amazon.

I met Shea through Jim Morris, my lunch buddy who wrote Above and Beyond War War Story 
(and the acclaimed Dumbo Drop

Jim is a master story-teller with a quirky slant on things. He makes you think whilst he's entertaining you.

Yeah, I love a good blood, guts,  gore, 'n' glory combat story. A totally foreign world to me. But his new book, "Telequah" is a stunning departure.

Here is another new-to-me world: today's Native Americans. Specifically the eponymous tribe involved in this gripping adventure.

So anyway, Jim gave me a copy of  "A Dance In The Streets,"and I got hooked on LeMone. Be careful. He's is addicting. 

I think Corner Pride may be my favorite, though. Here is a rare snap of Shea as the teen whose coming of age struggles in a black neighborhood of Philadelphia are it's grist.

Another friend who continually astounds me: the very talented painter, Denise LaFrance. 

Her stuff is gonna be worth big bucks one day. I need more walls.

It's now time to run cold water over my wrists and temples and have a nice lie down. DAMN, IT'S HOT.

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