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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This just in from my pal Howie Gordon (screen name Richard Pacheco)
"The Berkeley Gordon men return to Scotland and don the great Clan Gordon kilts.

Underneath, we're wearing tefillin.  Put that in your haggis and smoke it, Mel Gibson!
Happy New Year!"

Aye, wud but that I could hae stood thar wid dae bonny lads. 
We're probably related. Me Da's pap did cum fra The Isle of Montrose. And in this picture, Howie looks a lot like a lot of my cousins. OK. I know you're Jewish, Howie - and a happy new year to ye - but you do look like kin. No wonder we had instant empathy.

Here's a picture of my first cousin, Ernest 
(a son of my dad's sister) 
and his daughter Kristi Lisa
. Now have you ever seen a more Gaelic pair?

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