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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Doin' the Kitchen Redo - Oh vo-de-o-do!

Last month John said, "I think it's time to remodel the kitchen. I'm thinking new counter tops and cabinet doors."

Well, that sounded simple enough.

He called a few contractors and got bids. We fell in love with Jenny Housey of Golan Remodeling: a Sabra. Soft-spoken, but easy to picture with an Uzi if circumstances warranted. 
Fortunately, she was on our side all the way.

Everything in the kitchen had to go somewhere else. In our house, the only somewhere else is the living room or the bedroom and the bedroom is full of bed.

The next thing I knew, the rest of the kitchen went oopsdefloop
out the garage door into a dumpster. Not as easy as it sounds.

A temp kitchen materialized on the dining room table.

Fine for cooking.
Washing up? 
Where else?

Miss Puss, who considers the bath her private domain, was not amused.
"Much safer up here."

Custom-built cabinets arrive 
and are installed apace.

The new stove stands by in the garage.

Once it's installed, John is a very happy camper.

So much for "just new counter tops and cabinet doors." Hell, it's his kitchen. He did all the negotiating and contracting.

I did hold out for a broom closet where the old hot heater was. 
We got one of those eco-friendly on-demand units. Takes a little longer to get hot water at the kitchen sink, but I'm getting used to washing up with cold water. At the new sink, washing up with anything is a joy.

The overseer makes a final inspection...
...and approves. 

The scissors are just a play for sympathy.

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