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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Big Don't

February 27th John sez: "You're going to be 75 March 1st, you know."
Me: I know.
John: So, shouldn't we do a big "Do?"
Me: Let's Don't.
John: Why not?
Me: I'm tired.
March 1st, my 75th birthday.
John: So, you wanna go out to dinner or something?
Me: I'd rather have you cook. It's always better.
John: I blush. So what do you want for dinner?
Me: Meatloaf.
John: We had meatloaf two days ago.
Me: Isn't there some left over?
John: Yeah.
Me: So? What's the problem?
John: There's no room on the table.
Me: Help me put the flowers out on the patio.

John: It's gonna rain more.
Me: So? They're flowers.
I'm still answering the emails.
Steve Lopez made me a poster.
How 'bout dat?!

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