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Thursday, March 4, 2010

10Q 1&all 4 Hippie Birdie e-cards etc.

My birthday dinner last Sunday evening at Soliel in Westwood was the best food I've ever encountered that didn't come out of my hubby, John's, kitchen - and that's the TRUTH. Thanks again, Ren and Caren.
And thank you, Cindi, for telling all your readers when my birthday was. I think I got an email from every one of them. My laptop is still smoking.

Also got an email from David Nahmod 

- my reporter pal in San Francisco (writes for ON Mag in San Jose, Jerusalem Post, Videoscope Mag). He sent a review he did of one of the films of our recently departed pal, Jamie Gillis.

"One look at this film & you'll see how great an actor Jamie Gillis was. In Through the Looking Glass (1976) a beautiful heiress named Catherine spends much of her time admiring herself in an antique mirror. When she's drawn through the looking glass, she finds herself trapped in a bizzare, X rated variation of Alice in Wonderland, where her late Father (Gillis) awaits her.
    It's all a set up. Dad is really a demon, slowly pulling Catherine into a demonic netherworld where she will spend eternity for the sin of vanity.   
    The film is genuinely terrifying. Gillis, as the demonic dad, is superbly chilling. His facial expressions harken back to the glory days of Boris Karloff & Bela Lugosi~~he's nothing less than hypnotic!
    When he's first seen in the mirror, with green tinted skin, it's as good as anything you might see in a mainstream horror film.
     And Looking Glass is, first and foremost, a horror film. A ghost story, a tale of demons from the other side, and Alice in Wonderland reimagined.

On a brighter note:

Louise Bak has done a really lovely interview with me. See it here at Toro
Thanks Lousie.

And a not so cheery note - but one we need to hear: If you love Kurt Vonnegut as much as I, you'll love the way he sums it up here.

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